Why Blue Pineapple?

Blue pineapple is a state of mind.  You’ll have to read the story of its origin to understand what the blue pineapple state of mind really is.

Like many first-time expectant moms, I tracked how big our babies were (yeah – two of them) using the week by week fruit and vegetable comparisons.  I was proud of this – displaying the current week’s fruits or veggies on a chalkboard in a prominent spot on our kitchen wall where I’d write the number of week along, draw pictures of the two fruits or veggies of the week and I’d take pictures of the board and Chris would take my picture in front of it, really showing off that enormous baby bump.  I’ll admit that I would compare the various baby websites (Babycenter, The Bump, Parents.com) and pick the fruit or veggie that I liked best that week, the one I thought sounded the cutest, and sometimes simply the one that would look best in a chalkboard drawing.  Two out of the three had pineapples listed for week 33. I love pineapples! And that was way better than the alternate option of celery.

Blue PineappleAnd those twins, little boys.  Two blue pineapples.  And pineapples they would stay.  They didn’t make it to become two blue cantaloupes (week 34), at least not inside the womb.  At 33 weeks, 2 days, Ben & Nick entered the world.  Our two tiny blue pineapples.  Two strong boys, who came out screaming, full of strength and liveliness despite their early arrival.

Blue pineapple means more than Ben & Nick’s size and gender.  For me, blue pineapple is a state of mind, and something that helps me put life into perspective.

Chris and I spent the beginning of our marriage on a short-term business assignments in Charlotte, NC.  We would spend our evenings walking around the neighborhoods, enjoying the southern weather and admiring the architecture.  The many pineapples that adorn knockers on stately southern front doors and welcome mats on the wide front porches of charming bungalows that we would pass by during those evening strolls are symbols for warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.  Add to that the color of the sea and the sky, depth and endless possibilities with a calming nature; It’s the perfect combination.

Ben and Nick experienced the warmth, welcome, love and hospitality needed to help them grow from 3.5 pound blue pineapples into big, strong, full-sized baby boys.

A blue pineapple state of mind, welcoming people, ideas and all that life has to offer – however unexpected it may be – believing in endless possibilities and experiencing life deeply with a sense of confidence and serenity.

Sometimes I have the blue pineapple state of mind mastered and other days I’m still figuring it out.  That’s my goal – to keep on living life in a blue pineapple state of mind.