How to grocery shop with twins

Grocery shopping with twins can be a daunting task.

Here are some tried and true methods and planning and parking tips to make the process easier and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Successful methods for shopping with twins

  • Stroller shopping: Shop with your little ones in the stroller, using the basket under the seats and a few reusable shopping bags for light weight items. There’s a little more room in the basket when you still have infant seats that click into the cart, yet this method still works with next stage seats. If you can walk to the store this method is even better as it completely avoids the parking lot and the loading/unloading in tight spots.
  • One baby in a carrier & one baby in the cart: This method works with infants. Get one infant in the baby carrier first and then carry the other one to a shopping cart and you’re ready. While shopping just remember to squat to gather groceries rather than bending over too far. This works better if you aren’t buying too many heavy items.
  • Double cart: Toddlers may resist time in the stroller. A double shopping cart or a cart with a double car attached to the front works well. The trick is getting the twins into the store. Usually these carts are kept inside and are not commonly found in the cart corral. You can carry one child and have the other walk in with you holding hands. If your kids aren’t in a cooperative mood you can carry one and put one in a regular cart until you get inside and then swap carts.
  • Alternatives to shopping alone with twins: Many twin parents avoid shopping alone with twins or reserve it for smaller trips and emergency situations. Alternatives include going alone on your way home from work or after bedtime, going to the store with two adults or using grocery delivery or pick up services like Amazon Pantry and Click List.

Planning, Parking & Packing Up:

  • Have your shopping list ready, preferably in store order: Even the calmest of little ones have their limits when it comes to shopping time. This isn’t the time to meander or contemplate what you want for dinner.
  • Tissues and wipes: You can leave the diaper bag in the car, but be sure to throw some tissues, wipes and maybe a few plastic toys in your purse. If there’s a true emergency there are plenty of diapers for sale in the store 😉
  • Bathroom and diaper changes: Put fresh diapers on your kiddos and make sure you pee before you leave the house. Avoiding a bathroom trip at the store is best, but know where it is located just in case.
  • Park next to a cart corral: Even if this means a longer walk or a ding on your car, there are many benefits of parking next to the carts. You can easily and safely grab a cart before you unload your kids and just as easily return it after your shopping trip. It also means that no one else can park too close to your car on one side for easy loading.

Happy shopping!

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