Welcome to Blue Pineapple Blog

Hi there.  I’m Leslie. Welcome to Blue Pineapple Blog.

I’m a finance professional by day and twin mom and wife who is EMBARKING on a journey as a writer.

So what INSPIRED me to start Blue Pineapple Blog? One date that changed our family forever – FOR THE BETTER – for the CRAZIER.  We traded up for lives that are more HECTIC, more JOYFUL, more DEMANDING and more FULFILLING.

Many of us have life defining moments, 10 seconds, one phone call, that changes your life forever.  Luckily for me (at least so far) my life defining moment is a good one.  What started with a simple phrase in the ultrasound room, “…and here’s Baby B,” has turned into so much more.

The best gift that my twins could have given me wasn’t delivered in a hospital room and it didn’t come in an impeccably wrapped giftbox with a fancy bow.  The best gift my twins gave me “happened” during the first six months of their lives, during what I like to call the survival period.

My twins gave me a wakeup call…actually they gave me about a thousand during those first six months.  But really, the most important wakeup call wasn’t at 3AM.  It was clarity.

The foundation was set during the beginning of maternity leave.  Hours at home with two infants and my thoughts that were coming from a frazzled brain operating on way too little sleep and way too much coffee.  Even though there was a lot of time, there seemed to be no time for the mundane daily activities that used to occur naturally, like brushing my teeth and putting my dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Somehow out of this extreme point of overwhelm, I found clarity.

Clarity about the direction of my life, clarity about the need to change and to follow my dreams.  I had thought I was in control of my life, but really I was floating through it, letting the next steps of my career and next chapters of my personal life happen to me, rather than intentionally planning them.

I needed to get back in the driver’s seat and figure out where I wanted to go.

I still don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you I AM BACK in the driver’s seat! And I’m driving toward my dreams – AND enjoying the journey.  One of my many dreams is to spend more time writing and to eventually write a book.

Blue Pineapple Blog is here to serve working mothers of twins. My aim is to provide you with ENGAGING content along with a healthy dose of humor from the perspective of a working mother of twins along with resources that I wish had been curated and available during those early months with my two bundles of joy.  My approach to parenting is that others’ perspectives and research are helpful, yet every mom needs to follow the path that is best for her and her family.  Every mom is unique and every child is unique (even those that come in two’s).

This isn’t my day job; It’s a creative outlet. I do this because I enjoy writing and I enjoy helping people.  So pass this blog along and hopefully someday there’ll be a book to go with it.

One last thing – what’s up with the Blue Pineapples? Blue Pineapple is a state of mind.  Check out the story of its origin to understand what the blue pineapple state of mind really is.

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