Make Space for the Things that Matter: Create your Wall o’ Goals

We’ve all heard the adage, seeing is believing. Well, I like to say, seeing in being.  By making physical room for your goals, you create the mental space to focus on them and achieve them.

Write down your goals, dreams, desires on your own Wall o’ Goals. Look at them every day while you work.  And they will all come true.  See it and it is.

Okay, so it’s not quite as fantastical as three wishes from a magic genie but writing down clear, measurable goals and looking at them every day keeps them top of mind.

You work towards what you measure. And then the magic really happens 🙂

This is a real thing…the science and structure behind the magic wall o’ goals

Psychology professor Gail Matthews completed a study that yielded empirical evidence that people who write down their goals achieve more goals and make significantly more progress than those who do not write down their goals.

On top of that, sharing goals with others and providing status updates increases progress and goal attainment even more. See study findings here.

How the Wall o’ Goals works

With the Wall o’ Goals I take a quarterly view that translates long-term goals into short-term measurable ones. This practice immediately releases that feeling of overwhelm and replaces it with a list that empowers you to take care of business.

The wall o’ goals

  • Takes medium and longer-term goals and breaks them into quarterly achievable goals
  • Provides accountability – you see it, your family or co-workers see it (and the progress)
  • Delivers a simple tracking mechanism
  • Gives you the space and energy to make your magic happen

It’s as easy as a box of push pins, a few sheets of paper and a sharpie – and of course you! You don’t need anything fancy or expensive for this one.

The bigger the space the better. It’ll make it easy to read as you view your Wall o’ Goals every day.

You can also use chalkboard paint, a couple of poster boards, a whiteboard – your choice! And if you want to get fancy and creative with it – go for it!

Just remember that using what’s handy and actually creating the Wall o’ Goals is more important than making it perfect. You will be re-doing this every quarter.

How to create your own Wall o’ Goals – 5 Easy Steps

  1. What do you want to track? Brainstorm about what you want and what’s most important. You can create a Wall o’ Goals for business, personal or both. You may want that big promotion, to land a new customer account, to write a book, to redecorate your home, or work on something with your kids. If feelings are coming to mind, like I want my bedroom to feel more relaxing, keep asking yourself questions like, what type of bedroom would be more relaxing until you land specifics like a design project or a savings goal for new furniture.
  2. Establish a timeline I like quarterly because there’s enough time to plan and make significant progress, but there’s also a chance to adjust it 4 times per year. You can also do this in other logical time periods.
  3. Create your wall o’ goals Write down those goals so that you have a huge visual reminder of what you are making room for and what you want to achieve. It’s as simple as writing it down and tacking it on the wall. Your wall can include boxes of blank spaces for client names, target metrics, big projects with a progress tracker, and any other way you want to measure and fill in your space. You should also leave some blank space for those unexpected yet amazing opportunities that pop up from time to time.
  4. Share your goals Display your goals for family, friends, or co-workers so that they can see both the goals and the progress as you fill it in over the quarter. If you want to take this a step further you can send a progress report to help keep you focused.
  5. Work your magic & Update your progress Get to work and keep track of how you are doing. You’ll achieve more. And if it’s not working as you originally intended, your wall o’ goals is just telling you something, like it’s time to make a tweak or pivot in order to see results. This is a blessing, not a curse. It’s great to find out you need to make an adjustment half way through a quarter rather than looking back at the end of year and realizing you wasted time or money that could have been better spent on something that does move the needle. Celebrate the wins!

Here’s what mine looks like for Q3 2017







So you’ve made it to the end of this post. You clearly understand the goal setting concept, but that’s not enough.

This one requires ACTION!

Want help getting started? Email me, leslie@bluepineappleblog.com, and I’ll send you the Wall o’ Goals Worksheet.

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