The Transition between Two Chapters – Moving from 2017 to 2018

Just like physical everyday transitions like moving from commute to office meeting or from work to home…the CHANGE between calendar years presents an OPPORTUNITY to manage the transition into a SUCCESSFUL new life chapter.

Curious about managing everyday transitions? Find out how to boost energy and productivity by managing everyday transitions.

And just like managing everyday transitions boosts energy and productivity – planning for 2018 is like an extra shot of espresso that keeps on giving all year long…

This isn’t like setting new year’s resolutions that you aren’t quite sold on, or initially sound good but seem to have all but vanished into thin air by the end of January.

Truly managing the transition between years requires intention and planning.

3 Steps to Managing the Transition to a New Calendar Year

  1. Schedule time transition
  2. Celebrate this year
  3. Establish Plans for Next Year – 18 for 2018

So, this week, I did just that. I scheduled it and then spent time reflecting on and celebrating 2017 and set intentions and solidified plans for 2018.

Celebrating 2017

Taking some time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished during 2017 gives you a boost of energy and empowers you to think big for the next year – there’s so much possibility in the next chapter.

To do this I made a list of things I enjoyed, accomplished and experienced in 2017.

And if you feel like you don’t have much on the list, go back and look at your calendar – you may surprise yourself.

And if not, no sweat, all the reason to put some more thought into how you want 2018.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2017 – many of which I’ve shared with you in previous posts. Thank you for sharing them with me 🙂


18 for 2018

This catchy tagline comes from Happier Podcast – Episode 147

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So back to 18 for 2018.

How this works – You reflect on your goals and fun things you’ve been wanting to try and things you want to improve.

Then you make a list of 18 things to do in 2018.

A good list is a hodgepodge of:

  • ONE and DONE items – like trying the new French restaurant around the corner,
  • PRACTICES and HABITS – like exercising 3 times per week or to stop hitting snooze, and
  • PROJECTS – not as easy to cross of the list as going to a restaurant, but not something to continue doing indefinitely

HINT about PRACTICES: You don’t have to, and shouldn’t start them all on January 1st.  It takes time an energy to establish new habits and focusing on one at a time has been proven to work best.  So you can layer these in throughout 2018.  It takes an average of 66 days to form a habit – but each person and habit is different.  This is just an average!

The items on the list should be clearly actionable and measurable rather than a general comment.

Here’s an example:

Include a specific action or activity such as “Go on a nature hike with my kids once a month.” Instead of, “Spend more time outdoors with my kids.”

Sample from my 18 for 2018

  • Host two dinner parties for our friends
  • Write everyday
  • Meet Chris (the hubs) at Boca for an after-work cocktail
  • Complete public speaking video training course at work
  • Potty training
  • Plan a family trip to the Pacific Northwest
  • Practice mindfulness 5-10 minutes per day
  • Learn 3 new recipes

While this list is exciting to me, yours will likely look a lot different.

And be a ton more exciting for you to enjoy.

What will you do in 2018?

Write your 18 for 2018 today. Or whatever number you choose.

Reading this after the new year? It’s always a good time to add some intention to your life. Do it today!

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