The Morning Smoothie


As many of us are working to make our lives healthier this year, often ONE SMALL CHANGE is the BEST way to START.

And it can be a CATALYST for other POSITIVE CHANGES that you have in the pipeline.

Here’s one of my FAVORITE morning rituals that was one small change in my diet that leaves me feeling great each morning.

And are WHOLE FAMILY can participate.


So about 4 years ago, my husband and I got each other a Vitamix for our anniversary – romantic, I know!

But we have actually been using it every day and enjoying smoothies together each morning.

A smoothie provides a consistent and healthy start to each day.

When the cool drink hits your taste buds you feel alive and ready for a great day!

It’s so to make simple and always leaves me feeling healthy and hydrated.

Care to join us for smoothies tomorrow?


1 Banana

1 Cup Baby Spinach

1 Handful Frozen Blueberries

1 Handful Ice Cubes

20 oz. Cold Water

Place ingredients in blender.

Blend on high for about 30 seconds.

Serve & Enjoy.

Recipe makes two smoothies. Add more spinach and water to serve more people.

Pro Tip: The smoothie blends best if ingredients are added in list order.

Want More Protein & Flavor?

Try adding a few dollops of plain whole milk yogurt or Greek yogurt and experiment with different types of berries.


It’s challenging to find the right smoothie cups for kids, that have lids, straws and stay unclogged.

We’ve tried them all with our two boys and these Simple Plastic Cups with Lids and Straws work best.

Pro Tip: Put the lid on all the way before adding the straw.  Then smoothie won’t splash your shirt when you snap on the lid.  We learned this the hard way 😉

Not all blenders will blend spinach or other greens into a pulp-free smoothie.

It you’re like me and you don’t like stringy smoothies, try this:

Here’s the Vitamix we use.

We love the Vitamix and smoothies so much that we even take this with us on vacation!

If you’re new to the smoothie game and don’t want to invest just yet – you can also use the more economical Ninja Blender – just be careful of the sharp blades in this one!

Nutrition Facts

You can use the super cool RECIPE NUTRITION CALCULATOR from VeryWell.













What small change are you making?

We love to hear about your ideas and tips!

Drop your ideas in the comments section below 🙂




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