Sleep – You are gonna get it!

We all need sleep. We can convince ourselves that we can function on less and less sleep but we are only lying to ourselves.

Having twins turned my sleep schedule upside down. I’ll agree that there isn’t much you can do about it for the first few months until you get the okay from your doctor to start sleep training.  But once you get that go ahead – GO GIRL!

I am not a sleep professional or a doctor. I am a mother of twins who is a huge advocate of getting your 8 hours per night.  And babies need plenty of sleep to grow and develop.

And when I say I’m getting 8 hours – I mean A FULL 8 HOURS OF SLEEP per night, consistently.

My twins sleep for 12 hours per night.

There’s time for the nightly clean up, relaxing adult time, 8 hours of sleep, a 20-minute morning workout, a shower, cup of coffee and my hair is actually dry – all before my boys are awake for the day.

Mind blowing, I know!

If this little slice of heaven doesn’t leave your mouth watering, envision a bedtime routine that’s peaceful and can be easily handled by one parent.

Goodbye to resentment when you or your spouse have to travel for work and hello to enjoying a guilt-free night out.

I really DID figure out the sleep thing!

If you’d like a copy of my free 4 Step Guide to Sleeping Through the Night with Twins – just email me and I’d love to share it with you (leslie@bluepineappleblog.com).

The more rested twin mamas out there, the better!

Sleep Training

For all of you runners out there, I like to think about training babies to put themselves to sleep like training for a race.

During interval runs you will run at a quicker – somewhat uncomfortable – pace for a period of time, and then for a shorter period of time, you will run at a slower, more comfortable pace, and repeat.

Some days this requires putting on your running shoes when you don’t feel like it and requires powering through side stitches.

Then, before you realize it, your “slower” more comfortable pace is actually that quicker pace and that quicker pace is actually lightning speed. On your way to this newfound speed, what at times was extremely uncomfortable and downright frustrating, now feels rewarding.  It brings you JOY and enables you to improve your race times.

During the sleep training process, it will be uncomfortable at times. It would be easier for your babies to be rocked to sleep than for them to learn how to fall asleep on their own.  It would be easier for you to stay in their room until they are asleep instead of going to another area of your home.

But not in the long run.  Learning to fall asleep on their own is an important skill that your babies will need – literally every day.

During this journey your babies will experience comforting moments along the way (think those slower more comfortable pace breaks), and will be rewarded with a new and vital skill, the ability to fall asleep on their own.

Not only will this skill help with your babies’ growth and development, you will reap the benefits of more sleep too!

A good night’s sleep is in your future – very soon!

Sweet dreams mama

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