Share the Good News and Your Happiness May Be Multiplied

So Chris and I fully intended to wait until the second trimester to share the news about, not one but two babies.  This of course didn’t happen.

On Memorial Day I was nine weeks along and we were headed to see my extended family at a lakeside barbeque.  We decided to tell all of our extended family members not only about the pregnancy, but also about the exciting twist, that twins were on the way.

We had so much fun sharing this great news.  Responses included squeals of delight, cackles, and jumping up and down.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response, we decided to tell our friends about our two bundles of joy a couple of weeks later when we were all going to a church festival.  This was equally exciting.  Again, we received tons of excited responses and lots of cheers, with the one exception, a horrified look from a new father who was currently going through the experience of trying to comfort a colicky baby. We quickly brushed this off and went on to enjoy the rest of the evening.  We even randomly met a couple who had adopted twins 21 years ago and they were so genuinely happy for us; We spent a good 20 minutes hearing about their boys and soaking up some twin parenting tips.

I’ll admit that once we were ready to spill the beans at work (mainly me – Chris told his coworkers much earlier), I received mixed reactions.  There was some excitement and disbelief, and some remarks like, “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”  Luckily, at this point I was living in first-time-expecting-parent bliss and was able to quickly kick any negative thoughts to the curb.

The baby showers were extra fun, with lots of focus on the those two sweet peas Everyone was extra helpful and extra generous.  I felt extremely grateful and I knew that the twins were also already very loved.

Having twins or higher order multiples is a unique experience.  You might as well enjoy the added perk of sharing more than the typical announcement of, “I’m expecting” or, “I’m pregnant” with something like, “It’s twins! We can’t wait.” Or “We’re so lucky to have two on the way.” Or, “We’re very good at batch processing.”

The science behind the good news

In a series of studies, A Boost of Positive Affect, found that sharing good news actually boosts your happiness. The study examined multiple ways of sharing good news and tracked reactions to sharing good news.  It did note that sharing good news resulted in an even higher increase to positive affect when it was followed by a positive response from another person.  So, as a failsafe, it may be good share the news during a happy point or to have a witty response prepared in advance for anyone who may not be as excited as you are. My experience way was overwhelmingly positive and I chose to focus on those positive responses.

So enjoy sharing the good news about your multiples and your happiness will be multiplied…hehehe.

Of course, this is true for all good news – not just birth announcements. So even if you aren’t expecting twins try sharing your good news, whatever it may be – and your happiness may be multiplied.

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