S.O.W. the Seeds for the Future

How to inspire & influence others to do great things

Do you have a great idea you need to rally the team around?

Do you want to encourage your kids to stick to their values and follow their dreams?

Let’s talk about HOW to INSPIRE and INFLUENCE others to do great things.

And to clarify –

what I mean by inspiration is to fill others with the desire and ability to do something, and

what I mean by influence is to share and model a positive perspective on how to think about

Self, Others and the World (S.O.W.)

– in order to achieve a goal –  to reap the benefits and experience a bountiful harvest.

INSPIRATION and INFLUENCE help groups of people discover, do and achieve things they could never do alone.

And there’s good news – you can start today!

Here’s the framework I put together to put this into action.

S.O.W. the seeds for the future

You do this by reframing how people think about




This could be leading a corporate team during a project. This could be with your kids.  This could be a sports team you coach.

Leading teams to solve problems or through change is a lot easier when everyone on board and can see how they fit at an individual level, see others in a positive light and see how taking specific actions will make the world a better place.


Here are a couple of practical examples:

#1: You lead a finance team and you are about to launch a new budgeting tool and new monthly review process.

When you meet with your team to announce the project here’s how you can use S.O.W. to rally the team around this by following these simple steps:

  • Problem: You start off by walking the team through examples of when in the past couple years, the commercial teams had to guess or make decisions based on stale financials because the current system and process is antiquated.
  • Solution: Aha – a new system and process, that with everyone’s help, will aggregate the financial information into the same format, quicker than the old system allowing the team members to spend more time partnering and less time doing busy-work.
  • S – SELF: You walk through each team member’s role in helping to migrate and test data as it moves between systems. You walk through each team member’s role and opportunities to when the new monthly process is launched.
  • O – OTHERS: You walk through how helpful the technology team has been in evaluating options and how excited to help with the transition and training. You walk through how excited your internal customers and other leaders are to work with you and see the results of the project.
  • W – WORLD: You walk through how this is better for everyone on a macro level. Better numbers, earlier = better decisions = better products and life for your external customers = customers have more time to make a difference in the world.
  • Role Model: Model this plan by positively teaming with business partners and technology team members and soliciting input throughout the process.
  • Communicate: Continue to communicate using the S.O.W. framework in both individual and group settings. It is literally impossible to over-communicate.
#2: Your child doesn’t want to wait in line to go down the slide at the park:
Note: Depending on your kids’ ages – reasoning may not work – so you’re playing the long game here and doing a lot defining emotions and modeling behavior.
  • Define Emotion: I can see that you feel frustrated about waiting in line to go down the slide.
  • S – SELF: You remind your child how good they are and how much they love laughing with other kids and that waiting your turn can be difficult, yet they are good at trying things again and learning new things, like how to wait patiently
  • O – OTHERS: You remind your kid that the other little boys and girls have also been waiting and want to enjoy their turns down the slide
  • W – WORLD: You state that the playground is more pleasant and all of the kids and families are happy when kids wait patiently and take turns going down the slide.
  • Role Model & Narration: You are very patient when waiting in line at the grocery store or post office. You explain that you will buy groceries after the people in front of you and that you are waiting your turn. In the car you talk about waiting your turn at red lights and driving when the light turns green. At the dinner table you share with others and wait to start eating until everyone has a plate.

What will you inspire others to achieve?

I see an abundant harvest in your future…


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