Join a Local Chapter of Mothers of Twins (and more) Club

 This April is the 9th Annual Multiple Birth Awareness Month.  Join other mothers of multiples and share your story.  This is the easiest good decision you can make.  The cost is low and the benefits are high.  To name a few of the many benefits:
  • Membership to private Facebook groups If you need advice on tackling an airplane trip with twin toddlers – post it here. You urgently need two matching tricycles – post it here.  You urgently need the two outgrown jumparoos out of your living room before hosting houseguests – post it here.
  • Semi-annual tag sales Buy and sell twin and multiple clothing, toys and furniture. The best part – members only private access on Friday, with sale open to the public on Saturday.  Score winter coats, boy/girl coordinating holiday outfits, and sets of toddler toys for unbelievably low prices.  The best items make it through several iterations.  Economical and environmentally friendly!
  • Social events Enjoy moms only meetings with speakers, panels and even moms’ night out dinners. Most clubs also have a few full family events a year such as ice cream socials, indoor playdates and holiday themed gatherings.
  • Lasting friendships with other families who both know what life is like raising multiples and are interested in the same type of twin-friendly family activities and you don’t have to apologize about the chaos.

And the cost, most groups are only $20-$40 per year.  Most moms save more than that by attending just one tag sale a year.

Find your local chapter today!

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