The change of seasons is one of the most constant and enjoyable rituals.

I love the magic of the seasons and how they seem to make the passage of time feel richer.

No change of season is more awakening than the change from winter to spring.

It seemed to take a bit longer long for spring to arrive this year, but they say good things come to those who wait.

And it is great!

I’ve been soaking up every sun-filled moment (through heavy SPF of course).

I wish I could bottle that feeling of both excitement and contentment that comes with one of the first warm days of spring.

I especially wanted to do this during a family outing last weekend.

Walking on a lake loop trail, there was a glorious mix of zest for life mixed with contentment and calmness.

Part of the path ahead was winding up a slight incline, with trees on either side, as it gently curved to the left to follow the shoreline.

The sunlight was filtering through the leaves, leaving a bright and welcoming sight.

A sight that promises a space that’s pleasantly cool, yet full of opportunity, clearly guiding you into the warm, sunny expanse that’s just around the bend.

The feeling of contentment that I felt at that moment is typically lacking for me.

I often get caught up in what’s next, rather than focusing on the present. 

But not then, not that minute.

Being on that beautiful path was all that mattered.

After a few moments of peace,

I wanted to at least capture a glimmer of that feeling.

But it wasn’t something an iPhone could capture.

None of the images came close to doing it justice. 

I quickly realized that…

All I have is NOW.

So, I put the phone away and enjoyed the time under those trees seeing the sunlight filter through onto the trail and glistening on the water nearby.

But it turns out even though I couldn’t bottle this moment…

There is a word that precisely describes that sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees:


There is no English translation for this word.  Thank you to the Japanese for attempting to carry this beauty beyond the moment through one simple word.


A word that I now associate with that magical feeling on the trail last weekend.

A word that I now use as both a verb and a noun in I’m sure in a host of grammatically incorrect ways.

A word that serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate the now.

So even though I’m now sitting at my desk in front of my lap top and that moment on the trail is gone, I try to take a few moments each day to appreciate nature.

To live in the now

To accept the feeling of contentment

To find that Komorebi feeling

Have you had a Komorebi moment today?

Even if you are reading this late a night, step outside to appreciate the moonlight or peak out the bathroom window at the expanse.

Go catch the sunlight that’s filtering through the leaves!

Happy springtime.

Happy Komorebi.

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