It’s Your Lucky Day

Actually, it’s your lucky life.

You’re LUCKY.


It’s easy to get into a negative spiral or a poor me mindset.

Over the past 3 years our family experienced some medical stressors.

They were minor setbacks in the grand scheme of things, but it felt like a visceral and extreme situation while we were living it.

And for a while I forgot how lucky I am.

We all do it from time to time.

Others have a more rewarding job, better skin, an easier family life, more money.

The list goes on.

These things are likely true.

But so is the reverse.

So what can we do to snap out of it?

When I start down this path now, I have a few tricks to help me REALLY APPRECIATE how lucky I am.

3 Ways to Reframe Your Outlook – For the Better

1. Try the reverse argument:

Let’s say the current thought process is, “Shelia has an easier family life than me. She works fewer hours and her husband always does the dishes. Her kids sleep through the night. My kids still wake up most nights. I have a more demanding job. My husband travels and can’t help with the day to day responsibilities.”

The reverse argument is, “I have an easier family life than many other people. I am lucky. I have a home where I feel safe. I have a warm, comfortable bed and do sleep through the night a couple nights/week and still get 5 hours in a row most nights. My husband is always excited to come home from business trips and weekends are really fun. Many people don’t have a loving partner, or safe, warm home. I am lucky.”

The human brain can rationalize both sides of arguments. Give yourself time to deliberate and really give the reverse argument time to sink in.

2. Acknowledge that you have more opportunities than most

Think about how many things beyond your control made your life better than it otherwise would be.

Which country were your born it? Were you born in a time of peace? Do you regularly have access to food and clean water? Did you have access to education?

If you live in the United States, use this tool to calculate which percentile of annual income you earn compared to everyone in the country.

I bet you’ll be surprised about how much abundance is in your life; Many of us have the wrong idea about where we are on the financial continuum. And compared to many other countries, it’s even more.

And for those of you in the UK – use this tool.  

3. Recognize that the situation is temporary and that you can persevere

Perhaps you are just finishing school and are at the bottom of the food chain at work or still looking for work.

Perhaps you are going through a significant life transition – either by choice or circumstance.

Reframe your thoughts to tell the story of your future self. Think ahead 1, 5, even 10 years, and see the person who overcome obstacles and used less than desirable experiences to make positive and lasting change.  

Summon the help of others and spirituality to help you make choices that lead you out of unhealthy situations or lead you toward positive future outcomes.

This can be a tough one, but even if the circumstances will result in permanent change, how you feel about the circumstances is temporary – if you choose.

And with all this talk about luck, I still believe in HARD WORK.

LUCK and HARD WORK are not mutually exclusive.

I truly believe that to achieve your dreams (whatever those may be) you need hard work + luck.

Still not sure?

If you didn’t have all of (or most of) your basic needs met would you have been able to work hard to pursue your dreams?

Would you have had the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to make a connection that was a catalyst to            ?

I say it takes both!

So here’s my vow.

To always remember how lucky I am.

To use that luck to do great things.

And to remember that I couldn’t have done it alone.



P.S. I recognize that when I have my basic needs met, it’s easy for me to say and feel like I am lucky. Most of the Blue Pineapple Blog readers are also lucky.  There are many people who need support, help and community to meet their basic needs.  What’s just one thing you can do to help?

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