How to Think About Love…After the Valentine’s Day Hangover

The day after the love hype…

The day after that extra glass of wine with your sweetheart

…or that extra margarita because you weren’t with a sweetheart.

Let’s talk about Love.


All kinds of love.

What’s Your Love Story?

Not your life story.

Not the last year.

Just this week.

Just today.

All types of love.

Tell it like it’s your favorite story.

Tell it every day.

The cute parts.

The romantic parts.

The kind parts.

The scary parts.

The empathetic parts.

The sweet parts.

It might sound like this…

…love is my husband opening the jar of cinnamon for me this morning and acting like it was really hard to open so I wouldn’t feel weak.

…love is my boys squealing with excitement, like only toddlers can, when they found out they could help with a construction project (aka play in the bathroom while we unclogged the sink).

…love is the person who slowed down and let me over on the highway so that I could make my exit.

…love is my mom remembering to bring a specific toy to “share” with our boys literally every time she comes over.

…love is starting the coffee and making the smoothies for the hubs after a late night.

…love is remaining calm and keeping my voice cheery when my son ran out of the bathroom, fresh out of the tub, and immediately peed on the carpet in the guest bedroom.

…love is hugging a stranger’s child at preschool just because he really needed a hug that day.

…love is really listening…really hearing what someone else has to say about approaching a tense situation.

…love is receiving a text a funny text from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

Acting from a place of LOVE

And receiving LOVE

Makes all the difference.

So beyond the day of pink shirts, sugary treats and the date that did or didn’t happen…

Think about LOVE. All forms of love.



With love,


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