Grocery shopping with twins

All twin moms remember their first big outing alone with the twins. A trip to the store where you actually accomplish something other than walking in circles or ferrying your little ones into someone else’s home.

It’s a HUGE milestone and one worth celebrating. I’m sure many of you can relate.  Here’s one entertaining trip.  You’ll find more tips and tricks for shopping with twins here.

An eventful stroller shopping trip

A few months after the twins were born I was feeling TOO wired and decided to give up caffeine. I wasn’t however, interested in giving up coffee.  I love coffee, the aroma and a few warm sips in the morning bring me a bit of calmness.  Often it only last for a few sips and the rest of the cup cools and is either reheated several times or forgotten as I rush out the door, but that doesn’t matter.  I use that brief moment to center myself for the day.  I just couldn’t give that up.  So switching to decaf it was.

My husband doesn’t have the too wired feeling from his coffee and was not ready to give up his fully-caffeinated cup of jo, so we landed on getting a Keurig so we didn’t have to brew two pots of coffee.

On a day off work, I selected a store that showed Keurig’s as in stock. I changed the boys, made sure to pee and loaded the babies into the van. I drove to a larger than normal big box store, strategically selected a parking spot next to a cart corral so that no one could part too close and clicked the infant seats into the stroller.

I was rolling, I breezed through several aisles and across the store –the coffee is in a completely different section than the coffee pots.

I was rolling…when I got that unmistakable feeling of being watched.

About halfway through this process when I got that unmistakable feeling of being watched. I noticed a police officer trailing a good 50 feet behind me.  He was trying to be discrete but it was quite obvious; He was making sure I headed to the checkout and not out straight out the door with the Keurig in tow.

But really – how else was I supposed to bring two babies and shop for a Keurig? For this trip, the stroller was a lot easier than putting one in a cart and one in a Bjorn.  It’s not easy to bend over to pick up and load a Keurig with a baby strapped to the front of you – not much allowance for bending and you’d need really long arms to wrap them all the way around a baby and a Keurig box.

I decided to have fun with it and took the officer for a stroll down a few more aisles before heading to the checkout. As a mom of two little ones you just have to OWN that stroller shopping.  And why not give the cop a little more exercise while you’re at it?

I wasn’t any more discrete about the extra laps than the police officer was when he started following me. At the checkout counter the officer snuck around to the front of the check out line.  He was laughing and very friendly.  He said hi to the boys and we chatted a bit.  But he was still watching to make sure I unloaded and paid for everything from the bottom of the stroller!

After that, I primarily shopped at the smaller grocery store in my neighborhood. They know me there and I continue to stroller shop there today – without police officers trailing behind me.

You can stock up on a surprising amount if items using the basket in your stroller and a couple of reusable shopping bags!

For more methods for grocery shopping with twins and tricks and tipscheck out this resource article.

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