What is fearlessness?

“Fearlessness is in the moment.  It’s right now.”

This is the clearest definition of fearlessness I’ve ever heard.

It’s from Molly Fletcher.  She was interviewed on Building a Story Brand Podcast and spoke about 6 ways to run your business fearlessly – in line with her new book, Fearless at Work.

I was especially struck by #4:


She spoke about those great sports moments – you know – the ones they play in slow motion in the movies.  Those moments where you see an athlete make a crucial game-winning decision in a split-second.

Molly said, “Fearlessness is in the moment.  It’s right now.” 

It’s not in the past where you are rethinking your decisions.

It’s not when you miss something because you aren’t paying attention.

It’s not when you are worried what someone else will think.

It’s not when you’re thinking about your running To Do List.



It’s only when you are 100% there in the moment – only in THAT moment.


Maybe those great athletes really feel like they are living in slow motion, calmly making decisions based on the best information they have in that faction of a second, and going for it, with gusto.

I’m going to find out…

It’s time to live life fearlessly.

It’s time to be more present.






I am just drawn to the topic of mindfulness and being present.  I’m feeling called to do something in this space.



If you haven’t heard of Molly Fletcher, she’s high profile sports agent turned author and motivational speaker AND mother of twins + 1.  You go twin mama!  Just imagine if Jerry Maguire did his things plus two pregnancies and three kids.

I haven’t read her book, Fearless at Work, yet but after hearing this interview – it’s at the top of my list!


The Fine Print

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I loved the interview and Molly’s message so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.  A little bit of Pro Bono work today 😉


This post does contain affiliate links.

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