Commencement – When the Trip Home is Just the Beginning

Years after graduation…commencement speeches long gone…

We all understand when the end of what for many of us will be our longest tenure at the same institution – is really just the beginning – the commencement of our adult lives and all of the great things to come.

That FEELING like there is SO MUCH ahead of us.

So much to EXPLORE.

So much to EXPERIENCE.

So much to ACCOMPLISH.

We often forget what a FUTURE filled with OPPORTUNITY feels like and treat short-term opportunities as having finite endings when really they are BEGINNINGS.

You can change this – with FOCUS and MINDSET – you can have more GREAT BEGINNINGS.

Here’s a run-of-the-mill corporate example: Offsite Training.

Last week I had the opportunity to step out of the daily grind for an off-site training event.

Besides the generous and pleasant increase in temperature (I’ll take a change from 10 to 80 degrees any day!), I was able to turn up the heat on connecting big picture strategy with the specifics.

And now I’m aggregating the knowledge and insights from the week and applying them and sharing them.

Sometimes all your mind needs is a change of venue.

The clarity that comes with some time away is just what you need to hit the ground running when you get back.

But the key lesson here is…

…when you board that plane to go home…that’s not the end of the journey…it’s just the beginning.

When you return to meetings that have been pushed and double booked and an inbox and to do lists that are bursting at the seams, it’s easy to go right back to where you started.

But if you go right to the backlog, you’re leaving most of the value on the table.

First things first…

While the INSIGHTS and CONTENT are FRESH…go through what you learned.

Connect the dots.

How does a new perspective CHANGE your FOCUS and DIRECTION?

Link changes and insights to ACTIONS – steps in a plan.

Does it seem crazy to spend more time after stepping away already?

Like a luxury that isn’t available to you?

What if your trip had been one day longer?


Key Takeaway:

SCHEDULE TIME immediately following off-site strategy sessions, team meetings and training events and…Use the time to go through the KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHTS you just gained.

Without this step you’ll miss the real VALUE.

As time goes on, the connections won’t be as crisp and the content won’t have the full context behind it.

Don’t wait!

Don’t leave VALUE on the table.

And remember, when you board the plane to return home…that’s just the beginning.

Unleash the value!

Reframe that trip home – from and ending – into the beginning of the next great chapter.

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