Celebrate: It’s twice as much fun when the twins turn one!

It’s hard to believe the emotions that you have experienced and how much you have accomplished in one year. It’s astonishing to think about how different this past year was from the other years of your life – the challenges, the richness, the love.

The days are long but the years are short.

Just make it to one year

Looking back at the first year there were WAY more good times than grueling ones. Those moments when the babies were both propped up on their little tummies smiling and giggling at eat other, the memory of the two of them climbing on the couch together in their 4th of July rompers and how much my heart melted when they first asked for “ma-ma”.

But let’s be real. There were also some pretty rough times – you know, when you have to step into the closet and cool off for a moment or when the world’s worst blow out occurs on the night your husband conveniently has a work dinner and those days that all run together when you were passing around a cold or just not getting enough sleep.

It was during those times that I would repeat a simple, yet effective mantra, “Just make it to one year. Just make it two one year.”  I just wanted us to all make through a year.  I knew by then there would be more sleep, more smiles, more laughs and more normalcy.

More is a relative term and the bar wasn’t very high so I was confident in this mantra 😉

Honor how far you’ve come

This display was on the wall during our twins’ first birthday party. They went from swimming in the small preemie outfits (hanging in the center) when we brought them home from the hospital at 2 weeks old to rocking those seemingly huge 18-24 month PJs just a year later.

If only the business lines at work would grow like this.

And when we did make it to one year – it was time to celebrate!

This party was for everyone. We were not shy about this.  We told our family and friends that this event was for our kids, everyone who helped us out during the first year and that it was a big milestone celebration for us too.

The twins’ birthday was an opportunity to purposefully stop and celebrate everything that had gone well in the first year. A chance to step away from the routine passage of time and look back and honor how far we’d come.  A way to say good job, we’re proud of you, thank you.

We all know celebrations are fun. They can also aid in developing a success mindset, give a boost toward the next challenge and leave you feeling good.  Giving others an opportunity to share in your successes multiplies the positive effects.

Making the celebration more meaningful

I wanted the party to be special so I moved into full on project planning mode. There was a project plan for sharing the boys’ milestones – the outfits illustrating the boys’ growth, birthday poster, a slideshow and time capsule and I actually printed pictures (this NEVER happens) from each month, plus the normal food prep.  I solicited help the day of and day before so that our kiddos would still get lots of loving while I was prepping for the big day.

If you’d like to save time and receive the free Twins 1st Birthday Toolkit, including the editable first image of this post and other 1st birthday planning and celebration tips, send me a quick note and I’ll send you a packet of goodies – leslie@bluepineappleblog.com.

Enjoying the moment

I get stressed right before hosting an event and having enough time to fool with the buffet layout and decorations makes me feel at ease. My friends and family knew how excited I was so they were happy to help and that WAS huge.

With everything in order and two happy kids, we were all ready to party and it was a success! Lots of showing off the boys, visiting with family and friends and of course the cake smash!

And it turns out that mantra I believed it, it was right.

The second year has come with more sleep, more smiles and more laughs. And that’s a good thing because year two also comes with more energetic twins!  As for normalcy, let’s just saw we have accepted a new normal.

Looking back

Enjoying this celebration and sharing it with others has inspired me to take more time to celebrate.

Even little things like a glass of wine on the deck to celebrate a transformative meeting at work or ice cream bars to celebrate a successful family bike ride or a short phone call with a friend just to say hi and that it’s been a great day are great celebrations.

Nothing is too small to pause for a moment and celebrate.

Honor your accomplishments – celebrate something today!

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